The neural network is an artificial computer system inspired by the real biological brain and created after the prototype of a highly-developed animal brain. The main idea was not to create a system, but a framework for different systems that could support machine learning. In some sense, this is artificial intelligence, but the intelligence of an animal. It does learn, and it can learn fast, but it can perform only more simple functions.

According to the latest news, the porn industry started to employ a neural network for recognizing porn stars’ faces from videos. The neural network is programmed to watch many hours of adult videos, and during this task, it analyzes and learns the facial features of the actors and mainly actresses. After this, it is able to identify the actresses in one second after one snap of the video.

This is a pretty weird service of the neural network, and it is not yet clear how it can be used for the benefit of the industry or users. Well, identifying parts of videos without captions will be easier, but today, it does not seem to be that necessary. Application of such kind is one of the less likely used from all options provided by the machine learning software. And yet, it has been developed, therefore, the startup sees some advantages of it.

What it really can be used for is to deny the participation of this or that celebrity in leaked home videos. There are many videos online that claim to be leaked from celebrity’s smartphone or laptop. Or, there are porn videos with the famous actresses’ faces digitally stuck on the porn model’s face, to fake the “celebrity sex video” and lure more visitors.

There is also another suggestion about the usage of this software in the future. Some experts suppose that recognizing adult performers’ faces is only an experiment. The real purpose of developing this kind of program is actually recognizing other people’s faces. For example, the program can be given the task to learn the database of criminals who are not caught yet and then can connect to the system of web cameras and security cameras all over the city, to find these criminals quickly among thousands of other people.

It is also possible to apply this neural network to look for people who are lost. Elderly people with mental issues that live alone or with their relatives can walk somewhere and forget where they live. It is hard to find these old people in the crowd, but such a self-learning software is able to find them really fast.

Another way of application of this software is looking for kidnapped children or women that are transported as sex slaves, etc. All these people are hard to find, but if this neural network is given a task to find them and will get access to cameras, this will help a lot.

It is not clear why the system is first tried on porn actors. Perhaps the developers decided the database of adult videos is large and old enough to test everything, and the number of performers is also pretty high. Anyways, this is an interesting development that has several perspectives for application in different spheres, not only in adult content.