The majority of websites offer their content for free for all the users. Anybody can reach out to the platform and watch sex videos without any limit and free of charge. If to think about it, it is not clear how these websites actually earn any money. They have to support the platform, buy software and pay for videos, and also pay wages to all the employees.

Illegal Ways of Earning Money

Let’s discuss the worst options in the first place. Cheap platforms can do the following things:

  • collect your personal data and send you spam or even malware. Malware can be used for any purposes, but generally, this is a serious fraud that you definitely want to avoid.
  • the websites can collect your personal data to later sell it to the third parties. This is also a fraud, and actually, it is very dangerous for you as a visitor. Your data, like IP, email address, or phone number, can be then used by the third parties also to send you spam.

Legal Ways To Make Money

However, not everything is so gloomy in the adult entertainment industry. The majority of adult content platforms earn decent money in a perfectly legal way. Check out how it is possible to earn:

  • the platform sells the place for advertisement. It collaborates with companies that want to advertise their products and services on the relevant websites. Visitors see the advertisement and potentially can buy products from the company.
  • selling memberships and paid subscriptions. This is a cool option for earning money because users are offered to get more on the paid part of the website compared to the free part. In the case of paid subscriptions on virtual reality porn videos, the majority of visitors are ready to pay almost any money.
  • selling affiliate products on the platforms. Adult content attracts a certain type of users, and they can potentially be interested in products connected to porn.

Make sure you visit only the most reputable and reliable websites. It means the platform makes money in a legal manner.

How Users Can Make Money

You as a user also can make some money from porn platforms. Firstly, if you have your own website or a popular social account, you can be paid for advertising the platform there. This is not huge sums, but still a good option. Generally, you can ask for an affiliate link from the platform, and the system will transfer your funds for each visitors who enter the platform following your link or buys something following link places on your account.

Another variation for making money as a user is selling your own home videos or webcam videos to the website. They often pay well for amateur videos, especially from unprofessional amateurs. Your content can become really popular and get a high rating, and you will be paid even more.


These are the ways to make money on your passion for porn.