Adult movie performers are paid some decent money, even those who are not famous and well-known. This is not the same as in conventional movie industry, where unknown actors cannot find a well-paid job. Even if the performer is a newbie, still the pay is pretty decent.

Well-known porn models, on the other hand, can make mind-blowing careers and quit the industry literally after three years after working, with having enough money to open their own business. The sums that porn studios earn are really hard to believe. The main benefit of the porn industry in comparison to conventional movie making is that creating an adult video takes incredibly less time than producing a Hollywood movie good enough for cinemas to buy, and people to go and watch it.

The porn industry does not have such a problem at all. It is pretty easy to create a plot for an adult movie. Most web platforms will quickly buy it, and will definitely place for viewing. Generally, the websites do not even care if the video is popular with the users or not. If it is not, they will just remove it quickly. Such websites earn money in most cases from advertisement they allow on their pages. Until they have at least some videos, they will attract viewers and get their payment.

In adult entertainment, it is also easier to find new candidates for making movies. Also, the post-production is simpler, so even less time is spent. But there is one certain game changer that the porn industry uses already now, while the conventional movie still doesn’t – this is virtual reality porn.

The popularity of virtual reality porn is skyrocketing today – more and more websites buy this type of content, and more and more people purchase VR gadgets. According to statistics, about fifty percent of porn fans immediately buy a paid subscription to platforms that offer virtual sex videos, and this is a huge success in the industry.

Virtual reality technology is pretty profitable itself, but in connection with adult entertainment, it creates a mind-blowing mix. Users are ready to pay almost any money to be able to enjoy adult content in VR. This is what Hollywood movies cannot achieve right now – there is little sense in making conventional films in VR, since the technology is not available in cinemas, and fewer people will pay for a costly gadget only to watch a movie in the evening.