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Updated: 4-14-11

26467.) AKHMADE, HERI: ->Breaking the Chains of Oppression of the Indonesia People: Defense Statement at His

Trial on Charges of Insulting the Head of Stat    PB:Cornell Southeast Asia Program: Ithaca, NY, 1981.  178 pgs.,


24491.) AMERICAN UNIVERISTY AREA STUDIES PROGRAM: ->Area Handbook for Malaysia. HC:government

Printing Office:  Washington, DCs, 1977. 3rd Edition 454 pgs., $10    A v/g copy. Prepared by Nena Vreeland and


9583.) AMERICAN UNIVERSITY FOREIGN AREA STUDIES: ->U.S. Army Area Handbook for Indonesia.

PB:Government Printing Office: Washingotn, DC, 1964.  737 pgs., $12.5 Wraps in vinyl cover, a v/g copy. This study

was prepard for the Department of the Army by the Foreign Areas Studies Division of  American University.


8497.) AMERICAN UNVERSITY FOREIGN AREA STUDIES: ->Area Handbook for Singapore. HC:Government

Printing Office:  Washington, DC, 1977. 1st Edition 216 pgs., $10    A v/g copy. Research and writing completed in


9107.) ANDERSON, Ed. BENEDICT R.: ->Violence and the State in Suharto's Indonesia.    PB:Southeast Asia

Program Publications: Ithaca, NY, 2001.  247 pgs., $29.5 Wraps trade ed., a mint copy. The essays in this

publication investigates institutionalized violence in New Order Indonesia and the ongoing legacy Suharto's

dictatorship has conferred on the nation.  The collection includes papers on East Timor, Aceh, Biak, police, and the

Indonesian military, among other topics.


Battle. HC:Historical Division United States Army:  Washington, DC, 1977. Rep. Edition 529 pgs., $15    Ex-library, a


26275.) AZRA, AZYUMARDI: ->The Origins of Islamic Reformisn in Southeast Asia: Networks of Malay-Indonesian

and Middle Eastern Ulama in the 17th and 18th Ce HC:Unviersity of Hawaii Press:  Honolulu, HI, 2004. 1st Edition

254 pgs., $25    A mint copy in a mint d/j. Author shows the development of the Middle Eastern heritage in the

Indonesian archipelago.



of a National Economy: An Economic History of Indonesia, 1800-2000. HC:University of Hawaii Press:  Honolulu, HI,

2002. 1ST Edition 286 pgs., $15    A mint ocpy in a mint d/j. This economic history identifies three grand themes in

the transformation of Indonesia's economy: globalisation, state formation, and economic integration


16323.) DUMARCAY, JACQUES and MICHAEL SMITHIES:->Cultural Sites of Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia.

HC:Oxford University Press:  Kuala Lumpur, 2004. 2nd Edition 112 pgs., $35    A mint copy in a mint d/j. This book

covers the main archaeological and architectural sites found in Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia.  Contains 24

color photographs, 47 black and white photogrpahs, and 42 fig.. and hpt


9936.) EKLOF, STEFAN: ->Indonesian Politics in Crisis: the Long Fall of Suharto, 1996-98.    PB:Nordic Institute of

Asian Studies: Copenhagen, 1999.  272 pgs., $19.95 Wraps trade ed., a mint copy.


9743.) FEDERSPIEL, HOWARD M.: ->Popular Indonesian Literature of the Qur'an.    PB:Cornell Modern Indonesia

Project: Ithaca, NY, 1994.  166 pgs., $17.5 Wraps trade ed., a fine copy.


27967.) FEITH, HERBERT: ->The Decline of Constitutional Democracy in Indonesia. HC:Cornell University Press:

Ithaca, NY, 1964. 2nd Edition 618 pgs., $15    Ex-library, o/w a v/g copy in a v/g d/j.


2476.) FISCHER, LOUIS: ->The Story of Indonesia. HC:Harper & Row:  New York, 1959.  341 pgs., $12    A v/g copy


8962.) FREDERICK, Eds. WILLIAM H. & ROBERT L. WORDEN:->Indonesia: A Country Study. HC:Headquarters,

Department of Army:  Washington, DC, 1993. 5th Edition 462 pgs., $7.5    A fine copy.  This is a first printing of the

5th edition of this particular series. Title is part of the Country Studies/Area Handbook series sponsored by the

Department of Army.


20303.) GILMORE, SCOTT with PATRICK DAVIS: ->A Connecticut Yankee in the 8th Gurkha Rifles: A Burma

Memoir. HC:Brassey's:  , 1995. 1st Edition 279 pgs., $10    A mint copy in a mint d/j.


7332.) GOULD, JAMES W.: ->The United States and Malaysia. HC:Harvard University Press:  Cambridge, Mass.,

1969.  267 pgs., $12.5    A v/g copy in a good plus d/j.

29521.) GOUTARD, A.: ->The Battle of France, 1940. HC:Ives Washburn, Inc.:  New York, 1959. 1959 Edition 280

pgs., $10    Name on enpaper, o/w a v/g copy. This is a first American edition.


6348.) GREEN, MARSHALL: ->Indonesia: Crisis and Transformation, 1965-1968.    PB:The Compass Press:

Washignton, D.C., 1990.  172 pgs., $12.5 Wraps trade ed., a mint copy. Author was the United States Ambassador to


30195.) HEDMAN, Ed. EVA-LOTTA  E.: ->Conflict, Violence, and Displacement In Indonesia.     Wraps trade ed., a

mint copy. This volume foregrunds the dynamics of displacement and the experiences of internal refugees uprooted

by conflict and violence in Indoesia.


9571.) HIGGINS, BENJAMIN with JEAN HIGGINS: ->Indonesia: The Crisis of the Millstones.    PB:D. Van Nostrand

Company, Inc.: Princeton, NJ, 1963.  144 pgs., $5 Wraps trade ed., a v/g copy. Author examines Indonesia's

resources, culture, history, and politics as they relate to the preparation of a plan for economic development.


9648.) HILL, Ed. HAL: ->Indonesia's New Order: The Dynamics of Socio-Economic Transformation. HC:University of

Hawaii Press:  Honolulu, HI, 1994.  364 pgs., $12    A mint copy in a v/g plus d/j.


30288.) HOOKER, M. B.: ->Indonesian Islam: Social Change Through Contemporary Fatawa. HC:University of

Hawaii Press:  Honlolulu, HI, 2003. 1ST Edition 310 pgs., $12.5    A mint copy in a mint d/j. The author's research

has drawn upon 2000 fatawa--formal opinion on points of law or dogma--collected from Indonesia between 1920-



4841.) HUGHES, JOHN: ->Indonesian Upheaval. HC:David McKay Co.:  New York, 1967.  304 pgs., $10    A v/g copy

in a v/g d/j. Account of the coup that misfired in Indonesian but led to events that resulted in the downfall of

Sukarno.   Author was the Far Eastern Correspondent for the Christian Science Monitor who covered events there at

the time and won the 1967 Pulitzer Prise for reporting on international affairs.


3789.) JENKINS, DAVID: ->Suharto and His Generals: Indonesian Military Politics 1975-1983.    PB:Cornell Modern

Indonesia Project: Ithaca, NY, 1997. 3rd Edition 280 pgs., $20 Wraps trade ed., a mint copy.


29248.) JONES, DAVID T.: ->Flora of Malaysia: Illustrated. HC:Oxford University Press:  Kuala Lumpur, 1993. 1ST

Edition 154 pgs., $75    A mint copy in a mint d/j. Book presents 58 flora species of which are found in Peninsular

Malaysia and the states of Sabah and Sarawak in northern Borneo. Each plant is described and illustrated in colour

and were chosen for their innate beauty in form, texture, and colour, and for their diversity in growth habit and



9299.) KAHIN, AUDREY: ->Rebellion to Integration: West Sumartra and the Indonesian Polity.    PB:Amsterdam

University Press: Amsterdam, 1999.  368 pgs., $34.5 Wraps trade ed., a mint copy. This study explores West

Sumarta's politicla history from the late colonial period up the present.   It focuses mainly on the course and degree

of the Minangkabau people's integration into the Indonesian state.


3925.) KAHIN, GEORGE McTURNAN: ->Nationalism and Revolution in Indonesia.    PB:Cornell Southeast Asia

Program: Ithaca, NY, 2003. REP. Edition 490 pgs., $32.5 Wraps trade ed., a mint copy.


9212.) KAMMEN, DOUGLAS & SIDDHARTH CHANDRA:->A Tour of Duty: Changing Patterns of Military Politics in

Indonesia in the 1990's.    PB:Cornell Southeast Asia Program: Ithaca, NY, 1999.  98 pgs., $21.95 Wraps trade ed., a

 mint copy. This study focuses on the bureaucratic dynamics within the military that ultimately led to the fall

President Suharto's in 1998.

30285.) KATHIRITHAMBY-WELLS, JEYAMALAR: ->Nature and Nation: Forests and Development in Peninsular

Malaysia.    PB:Univeristy of Hawaii Press: Honolulu, HI, 2005. 1ST Edition 487 pgs., $15 Wraps trade ed., a mint

copy.. Book provides an in-depth history of forestry and forest politics in Peninsular Malaysia.


8414.) KING, Translator DWIGHT Y.: ->White Book on the 1992 General Election in Indonesia.    PB:SEAP Program

Cornell: Ithaca, NY, 1994.  70 pgs., $10 Wraps trade ed., a fine copy. This White Book was produced by Body for the

Protection of the People's Political Rights Facing the 1992 General Election.


30287.) KRATOSKA, PAUL H.: ->The Japanese Occupation of Malaya, 1941-1945.     A mint copy in a mint d/j. An

excellent study on the Japanese occupation of Japan, based on oral histories, administrative writtne sources and


29295.) LAYTON, LESLEY: ->Songbirds in Sinapore: The Growth of a Pastime.     A fine copy ina laminated

illustrated cover. The book examines the importance of songbird ownership in Singapore and explores the complex

and dynamic relationship between the Singaporean and his songbird.


25596.) LEIGH, BARBARA: ->The Changing Face of Malaysian Crafts: Identity, Industry, and Ingenuity. HC:Oxford

University Press:  New York, 2000.  124 pgs., $17.5    A mint copy in a mint d/j.


27832.) LePOER, Ed. BARBARA LEITCH: ->Singapore: A Country Study. HC:Government Printing Office:

Washington, DC, 1991. 2nd Edition 328 pgs., $7.5    Ex-library, a v/g copy.


8940.) MARKS, TOM: ->The British Acquisition of Siamese Malaya (1896-1909).    PB:White Lotus Co., Ltd.:

Bangkok, 1997.  167 pgs., $22.5 Wraps trade ed., a mint copy. This book tells the story of the political manoeuvring

by Bangkok and London for possession of key semi-independent states on the Malay Peninsula.


20511.) MORTLOCK, ELIZABETH: ->Indonesia.    PB:South China Morning Post Publication: Hong Kong, 1984.

144 pgs., $6 Wraps trade ed., a v/g plus copy. A concise travel guide for Indonesia with a focus on its history and


25007.) MORTON, LOUIS: ->The Fall of the Philippines. HC:Office of Chief of Military History:  Washington, DC,

1973. Rep. Edition 626 pgs., $25    A v/g plus copy.  There is one map in back flap on iniside cover.


25186.) MRAZEK, JAMES E.: ->The Fall of Eben Emael: Prelude to Dunerque. HC:Robert B. Luce, Inc:  Washingotn

 & New York, 1970.  204 pgs., $12    A v/g copy in a v/g d/j.


7182.) MRAZEK, RUDOLF: ->Sjarir: Politics and Exile in Indonesia.    PB:SEAP Program, Cornell University: Ithaca,

NY, 1994.  526 pgs., $35 Wraps trade ed., a mint copy. An excellent biography which chronicles the times of


21096.) NALTY, BERNARD: ->Tigers Over Asia. HC:E. P. Dutton:  New York, 1978. 1st Edition 182 pgs., $10    A v/g


28610.) NAS, Ed. PETER J. M.: ->The Past In the Present: Architecture in Indonesia.     A mint copy Study provides

a general introduction to Indonesian architecture and an intelligible description of the architectural context of

Indische architecture.  It consists of two parts. Part One provides a series of essays on different Indonesian

architectural traditons and part two presents pictures and drawings on colonial architecture from the collection of the

Netherlands Architecture Institute.


25014.) NOURSE, JENNIFER W.: ->Conceiving Spirits: Birth Rituals and Contested Identities Among Lauje of

Indonesia.    PB:Smithsonian Institution Press: Washingotn, DC, 1999. 1st Edition 308 pgs., $6 Wraps trade ed., a

29111.) O'DONNELL, PATRICK K.: ->Operatives, Spies, and Saboteurs: The Unknown Story of WWII's OSS.

PB:Citadel Press: New York, 1ST. 2006 Edition 365 pgs., $6 Wraps trade ed., a very fine copy.


19967.) PALMIER, L. H.: ->Indonesia. HC:Walker and Co.:  New York, 1966.  240 pgs., $10    Ex-library, a v/g copy in

 a v/g d/j. Book  provides a history of Indonesia and includes 92 illustrations.


28200.) POMPE, SEBASTIAAN: ->The Indonesian Supreme Court: A Study of Institutional Collapse.    PB:Cornell

Southeast Asia Program: Ithaca, NY, 2005.  494 pgs., $35 Wraps trade ed., a mint copy. Within the context of a

history of the Supreme Court in post-independence Indonesia, the author analyzes the cause of the judiciary's failure

 over the last five decades.  The study provides an essential background for those seeking to understand why legal

reform has been so slow in the post-1998 period.


24741.) REGNIER, PHILIPPE: ->Singapore: City State in South-East Asia. HC:Univeristy Of Hawaii Press:  Honolulu,

HI, 1987.  301 pgs., $15    A mint copy in a mint d/j.Book focuses on the economic and political developments which

 have taken place in the region since the mid-1960s, when the island-city of Singapore became an independent

state and ASEAN was formed.

28513.) REINHARDT, JON M.: ->Foreign Policy and National Integration: The Case of Indonesia.     Wraps trade ed.,


22406.) RICKLEFS, M. C.: ->A History of Modern Indonesia Since c.1300.    PB:Standford University Press:

Standford, CA, 1994. 2nd Edition 378 pgs., $12.5 Wraps trade ed., a mint copy. This is the second edition which was

 published in 1993.  First  edition was published in 1981.


27938.) RICKLEFS, M. C.: ->A History of Modern Indonesia: , c 1300 to the Present. HC:Macmillian Press Ltd.:

London, 1981. 1st Edition 335 pgs., $10    A fine copy in a fine d/j.


7264.) SALAFF, JANET W.: ->State and Family In Singapore: Restructuring an Industrial Soceity. HC:Cornell

University Press:  Ithaca, NY, 1988.  301 pgs., $12    A fine copy in a v/g plus d/j.


29296.) SAUNDERS, KIM JANE: ->Contemporary Tie and Dye Textiles of Indonesia. HC:Oxford University Press:

Singapore, 1997. 1ST Edition 107 pgs., $49.5    A very fine copy in a very fine d/j. Contains 64 color photographs of

 tie and dye textiles, 52 b/w illustrations and 13 maps depicting areas where different textiels are made.   Extensive

bibliogrpahy, indexed and glossary of textiels terms.


9569.) SCHWARZ, ADAM: ->A Nation in Waiting: Indonesia in the 1990s.    PB:Westview Press: Boulder, CO, 1995.

2nd Edition 370 pgs., $12.5 Wraps trade ed., a fine copy. The author provides an analysis on the poliitcs, business

and ecomoic policy of Indonesia and how these areas intersect.    Author is a staff correspondent with the Far Eastern

 Economic Review.


27491.) SEOW, FRANCIS T.: ->Beyond Suspicion? the Singapore Judiciary.    PB:Yale Southeast Asia Studies: New

 Haven, CT, 2006.  405 pgs., $27.5 Wraps trade ed., a mint copy. Author provides a detailed description of

Singapore's judiciary human rights abuses that serves to punish critics of the ruling political structure.


7863.) SOUTHEAST ASIA CHRONICLE, 1980, APRIL: ->Malaysia: What Price Success?    PB:Southeast Asia

Resource Center: Berkeley, CA, 1980.  28 pgs., $2.5 Last page the subscription form has been cut out, o/w a v/g


8262.) SWIFT, ELIZABETH ANN: ->The Road to Madium: The Indonesian Communist Uprising of 1948.

PB:Cornell SEAP Prrogram: Ithaca, NY, 1989.  120 pgs., $12.5 Wraps monograph, a mint copy. Author documents

the extraordinary impact of Musso, whose arrival presaged the creation of a new political force that aligned itself with



9369.) TAS, S.: ->Indonesia: The Underdeveloped Freedom. HC:Pegasus:  New York, 1974. 1st Edition 388 pgs.,

$15    A v/g copy in a v/g d/j. The book provides a history of Indonesia through the 1965 coup.


27572.) TOURRES, MARIE-AIMEE: ->The Tragedy That Didn't Happen: Malaysia's Management and Capital

Controls.    PB:Institute of Strategic & International Studies: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2003.  338 pgs., $29.95 Wraps

 trade ed., a very fine copy. A defense of   the currency management  poliicies taken by Malaysia  under Prime

Minister Mahathir's leadership.


21983.) TUCHMAN, BARBARA W,l ->Stilwell and the American Experience in China, 1911-45. HC:Macmillian:  New

 York, 1971. 2nd Edition 621 pgs., $6    A v/g copy in a v/g d/j.


8631.) VATIKIOTIS, MICHAEL R.J> ->Indonesian Politics Under Suharto: Order , Develooopment and Pressure for

Change. HC:Routledge:  London, 1993. 1st Edition 220 pgs., $12.5    A fine copy in a fine d/j. Author was Bureau

Chief in Malaysia and ASEAN correspondent for the Far Eastern Economic Review at the time of the book's writing.


19961.) WAGNER, FRITS A.: ->The Art of Indonesia. HC:Greystone Press:  New York, 1967. Rev. Edition 258 pgs.,

$15    A v/g copy in a v/g d/j.


14203.) WASSERSTEIN, BERNARD: ->Secret War in Shanghai: An Untold Story of Espionage, Intrigue, and

Treason in World War II. HC:Houghton Mifflin:  , 1999. 1st Edition 354 pgs., $12    A mint copy in a mint d/j.


28609.) WATSON, C. W.: ->Of Self and Injustice: Autobiography and Repression in Modern Indonesia.     Wraps

trade ed., a mint copy. This book examines representative autobiographies of  persons who were marginalized by the


22576.) WHITE, WALTER GRAINGE: ->The Sea Gypsies of Malaya.    PB:White Louts Ltd.: Bangkok, 1997. Rep.

Edition 318 pgs., $29.5 Wraps trade ed., a mint copy. An account of the Moken based on the author's fieldwork

observations dating from 1911.  Book first printed in 1922.


24617.) YEW, LEE KUAN: ->The Singapore Story: Memoirs of Lee Kuan Yew. HC:Singapore Press Holdings:

Singapore, 1998. 2nd Edition 680 pgs., $12    A fine copy in a fine d/j.


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