The immersive technology of VR has truly revolutionized human perception of high-quality entertainment. Traditionally, the adult industry has been quick to adopt technical novelties, and virtual reality porn is all the rage now. In the past, it was nothing but a flat projection on a screen. Now, it is a fully virtual environment structured around sexual pleasure. With a simple cardboard helmet, you can access it cheaply.

The Concept

A VR headset blocks background distractions, allowing you to dive into the virtual sex world. An obvious drawback of models like the Google Cardboard is that you will need to hold it close to your face, while its more expensive counterparts leave your hands free. However, it is still worth a try if you want to start exploring teen vr porn.

What VR Porn Is Like

Once you push play, you find yourself in a room with a porn star. Usually, your toned avatar body will be standing or lying on a bed, and you will see your virtual body from the torso down. Most VR porn is filmed using a 180- or 360-degree perspective, which means a wide field of view. Porn studios produce content with male and female POV (point of view), and you may still remain an onlooker if you wish to.

Focus on any part of your virtual partner’s body as they are pleasuring you. Many viewers admit they love making “eye contact” with the porn star while they are on top. This makes the experience feel incredibly intimate and realistic. In fact, some supporters of the technology have compared the intensity of sensations to re-losing their virginity.

How to Use Google Cardboard

As the name suggests, this headset has two parts:

  • magnifying lenses;
  • a sheet of cardboard.

It is possible to make this helmet at home. All you need to do is to get a pair of plastic lenses and print out a special pattern from Google. Next, put on the headset and slip the phone into the device. Play VR porn that can be either downloaded to your phone or streamed from the internet.  

Google Cardboard is one of the cheapest options available. Some porn sites even give away free cardboard headsets to its registered members! They work with most smartphones. However, none of these options can be expected to deliver crystal clarity or full immersion. Hence, they should be considered as affordable means of getting familiar with the format.