Watching VR Porn on Google Cardboard

The immersive technology of VR has truly revolutionized human perception of high-quality entertainment. Traditionally, the adult industry has been quick to adopt technical novelties, and virtual reality porn is all the rage now. In the past, it was nothing but a flat projection on a screen. Now, it is a fully virtual environment structured around sexual pleasure. With a simple cardboard helmet, you can access it cheaply.

The Concept

A VR headset blocks background distractions, allowing you to dive into the virtual sex world. An obvious drawback of models like the Google Cardboard is that you will need to hold it close to your face, while its more expensive counterparts leave your hands free. However, it is still worth a try if you want to start exploring teen vr porn.

What VR Porn Is Like

Once you push play, you find yourself in a room with a porn star. Usually, your toned avatar body will be standing or lying on a bed, and you will see your virtual body from the torso down. Most VR porn is filmed using a 180- or 360-degree perspective, which means a wide field of view. Porn studios produce content with male and female POV (point of view), and you may still remain an onlooker if you wish to.

Focus on any part of your virtual partner’s body as they are pleasuring you. Many viewers admit they love making “eye contact” with the porn star while they are on top. This makes the experience feel incredibly intimate and realistic. In fact, some supporters of the technology have compared the intensity of sensations to re-losing their virginity.

How to Use Google Cardboard

As the name suggests, this headset has two parts:

  • magnifying lenses;
  • a sheet of cardboard.

It is possible to make this helmet at home. All you need to do is to get a pair of plastic lenses and print out a special pattern from Google. Next, put on the headset and slip the phone into the device. Play VR porn that can be either downloaded to your phone or streamed from the internet.  

Google Cardboard is one of the cheapest options available. Some porn sites even give away free cardboard headsets to its registered members! They work with most smartphones. However, none of these options can be expected to deliver crystal clarity or full immersion. Hence, they should be considered as affordable means of getting familiar with the format.

The Pornography Awards Ceremony

It is estimated that around half of all online content today is porn-related. This means that adult entertainment producers release tons of videos. The sheer number of genres may stun you! Whether you are into straight or gay sex, hentai or ebony, you may be rest assured that porn studios have already brought your fantasies to life.

Pornography is the most lucrative business on earth, and like any other business, it has its own trade shows and award ceremonies. Every year, the AVN awards show recognized achievements in as many as 100 categories. After all, porn is filmmaking, too!

The Time and Place

Every January, Las Vegas welcomes thousands of attendees and hundreds of porn studios to the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo. The event is held in the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. It is sponsored by the US adult video trade magazine,  and is promoted as “the world’s largest adult extravaganza”.

By the end of the four-day convention, VIP guests are invited to see the awards show. VIP status also gives access to special hours and private suite parties, as well as gifts and a special entrance.


All nominations belong to the fields of creation and marketing of porn. Some of the numerous categories are identical to industry awards in non-porn filmmaking, while others are specific to the porn/erotic segment. For ten years, the show has been broadcast on Showtime, but as a cut 90-minute version. The nominations include:

  • Best new starlet;
  • Female performer of the year;
  • Male performer of the year;
  • Best male newcomer;
  • Best actress/Best actor;
  • Best supporting actress/Best supporting actor;
  • Best non-sex performance;
  • Best tease performance;
  • Best cinematography;
  • Best all-sex video;
  • Best all-girl sex scene;
  • Best selling title of the year;
  • Best renting title of the year;
  • Best director;
  • Best film;
  • Best video featureADULT ENTERTAINMENT EXPO foreign feature.

Creators of gay adult content received the award from 1986 till 1998, when they were given their own separate ceremony, the GayVN Awards, entirely focused on the gay audience.

The Importance

In 2013, porn star Tanya Tate shared her impressions from the ceremony with the Huffington Post: “If you are more popular with the fans, companies are more likely to book you for their production”, “Being nominated for awards help build your recognition with your fan base. People that win male and female performer of the year are generally solid consistent talent that is open to many ‘levels’, and some of these performers already have higher basic rates than others”.

The AVN show is the “Oscars of porn”. It is the most important event recognizing the achievements of professionals in the industry, and it is definitely worth watching.

Neural Network In Active Service With Porn

The neural network is an artificial computer system inspired by the real biological brain and created after the prototype of a highly-developed animal brain. The main idea was not to create a system, but a framework for different systems that could support machine learning. In some sense, this is artificial intelligence, but the intelligence of an animal. It does learn, and it can learn fast, but it can perform only more simple functions.

According to the latest news, the porn industry started to employ a neural network for recognizing porn stars’ faces from videos. The neural network is programmed to watch many hours of adult videos, and during this task, it analyzes and learns the facial features of the actors and mainly actresses. After this, it is able to identify the actresses in one second after one snap of the video.

This is a pretty weird service of the neural network, and it is not yet clear how it can be used for the benefit of the industry or users. Well, identifying parts of videos without captions will be easier, but today, it does not seem to be that necessary. Application of such kind is one of the less likely used from all options provided by the machine learning software. And yet, it has been developed, therefore, the startup sees some advantages of it.

What it really can be used for is to deny the participation of this or that celebrity in leaked home videos. There are many videos online that claim to be leaked from celebrity’s smartphone or laptop. Or, there are porn videos with the famous actresses’ faces digitally stuck on the porn model’s face, to fake the “celebrity sex video” and lure more visitors.

There is also another suggestion about the usage of this software in the future. Some experts suppose that recognizing adult performers’ faces is only an experiment. The real purpose of developing this kind of program is actually recognizing other people’s faces. For example, the program can be given the task to learn the database of criminals who are not caught yet and then can connect to the system of web cameras and security cameras all over the city, to find these criminals quickly among thousands of other people.

It is also possible to apply this neural network to look for people who are lost. Elderly people with mental issues that live alone or with their relatives can walk somewhere and forget where they live. It is hard to find these old people in the crowd, but such a self-learning software is able to find them really fast.

Another way of application of this software is looking for kidnapped children or women that are transported as sex slaves, etc. All these people are hard to find, but if this neural network is given a task to find them and will get access to cameras, this will help a lot.

It is not clear why the system is first tried on porn actors. Perhaps the developers decided the database of adult videos is large and old enough to test everything, and the number of performers is also pretty high. Anyways, this is an interesting development that has several perspectives for application in different spheres, not only in adult content.

How To Earn Money On Porn Sites?

The majority of websites offer their content for free for all the users. Anybody can reach out to the platform and watch sex videos without any limit and free of charge. If to think about it, it is not clear how these websites actually earn any money. They have to support the platform, buy software and pay for videos, and also pay wages to all the employees.

Illegal Ways of Earning Money

Let’s discuss the worst options in the first place. Cheap platforms can do the following things:

  • collect your personal data and send you spam or even malware. Malware can be used for any purposes, but generally, this is a serious fraud that you definitely want to avoid.
  • the websites can collect your personal data to later sell it to the third parties. This is also a fraud, and actually, it is very dangerous for you as a visitor. Your data, like IP, email address, or phone number, can be then used by the third parties also to send you spam.

Legal Ways To Make Money

However, not everything is so gloomy in the adult entertainment industry. The majority of adult content platforms earn decent money in a perfectly legal way. Check out how it is possible to earn:

  • the platform sells the place for advertisement. It collaborates with companies that want to advertise their products and services on the relevant websites. Visitors see the advertisement and potentially can buy products from the company.
  • selling memberships and paid subscriptions. This is a cool option for earning money because users are offered to get more on the paid part of the website compared to the free part. In the case of paid subscriptions on virtual reality porn videos, the majority of visitors are ready to pay almost any money.
  • selling affiliate products on the platforms. Adult content attracts a certain type of users, and they can potentially be interested in products connected to porn.

Make sure you visit only the most reputable and reliable websites. It means the platform makes money in a legal manner.

How Users Can Make Money

You as a user also can make some money from porn platforms. Firstly, if you have your own website or a popular social account, you can be paid for advertising the platform there. This is not huge sums, but still a good option. Generally, you can ask for an affiliate link from the platform, and the system will transfer your funds for each visitors who enter the platform following your link or buys something following link places on your account.

Another variation for making money as a user is selling your own home videos or webcam videos to the website. They often pay well for amateur videos, especially from unprofessional amateurs. Your content can become really popular and get a high rating, and you will be paid even more.


These are the ways to make money on your passion for porn.

Virtual Porn Is More Profitable Than Hollywood

Adult movie performers are paid some decent money, even those who are not famous and well-known. This is not the same as in conventional movie industry, where unknown actors cannot find a well-paid job. Even if the performer is a newbie, still the pay is pretty decent.

Well-known porn models, on the other hand, can make mind-blowing careers and quit the industry literally after three years after working, with having enough money to open their own business. The sums that porn studios earn are really hard to believe. The main benefit of the porn industry in comparison to conventional movie making is that creating an adult video takes incredibly less time than producing a Hollywood movie good enough for cinemas to buy, and people to go and watch it.

The porn industry does not have such a problem at all. It is pretty easy to create a plot for an adult movie. Most web platforms will quickly buy it, and will definitely place for viewing. Generally, the websites do not even care if the video is popular with the users or not. If it is not, they will just remove it quickly. Such websites earn money in most cases from advertisement they allow on their pages. Until they have at least some videos, they will attract viewers and get their payment.

In adult entertainment, it is also easier to find new candidates for making movies. Also, the post-production is simpler, so even less time is spent. But there is one certain game changer that the porn industry uses already now, while the conventional movie still doesn’t – this is virtual reality porn.

The popularity of virtual reality porn is skyrocketing today – more and more websites buy this type of content, and more and more people purchase VR gadgets. According to statistics, about fifty percent of porn fans immediately buy a paid subscription to platforms that offer virtual sex videos, and this is a huge success in the industry.

Virtual reality technology is pretty profitable itself, but in connection with adult entertainment, it creates a mind-blowing mix. Users are ready to pay almost any money to be able to enjoy adult content in VR. This is what Hollywood movies cannot achieve right now – there is little sense in making conventional films in VR, since the technology is not available in cinemas, and fewer people will pay for a costly gadget only to watch a movie in the evening.